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  • About us
    Thrustleader Marine Power System(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd Specializing in the design, development and manufacture of ship propulsion systems, the products are widely used in scientific research ships, LNG transport ships, wind power installation ships, wind power operation and maintenance ships, crane ships, dredgers, cable laying ships, self-propelled oil barges, Deck barges, ferries, port tugboats and other ship types. There are major products such as lateral thrusters, well-mounted full-rotation rudder propellers, well-mounted counter-rotating propeller rudders, deck combined full-rotor rudder propellers, shafting and accessories.
    Production base
    2000Ten thousand
    Fixed assets
    Base staff
    Qualification honor
    Facing a richer society and a more creative future
    We adhere to the concepts of environmental protection and sustainable development, constantly innovate and lead the future of the industry, and are committed to providing users with economical, reliable, energy-saving and environmentally friendly products.
    • Thrustleader in 2019 Vietnam Maritime Exhibition
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      Thrustleader Marine Power System(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd The new page is online!...
    • Deck Mounted Azimuth Thruster
      Deck unit type rudder propeller is a complete marine propulsion unit which is assembled by connecting rudder propeller and diesel engine in series. It includes diesel engines and rudder propellers. It has the advantages of reliable operation and compa...
    • Azimuth Thruster
      The full-rotation catheter thruster is a Z-type propulsion device that integrates the functions of a catheter propeller and a steering gear. Its underwater part can be turned by 360 degrees of free rotation to form an all-round thrust. The device comb...
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